Event Horizon

Event Horizon

A Universe Of Pure Evil? Really?

“Event Horizon” is an odd little movie. If you judge it as a piece of cinema, it's not very good, and most critics have judged it to not be very good. It's a cheesy piece of sci-fi fantasy with some hilariously overwritten dialogue- more on that in a moment.

If you judge it by the standards of a B-rated horror movie- which are mostly about how much fun it is- it does quite a bit better, because it gets a lot of juice out of its overheated concept.


You may not have known that opening an artificial black hole in an attempt to bypass relativity and travel faster than light would inadvertently create a doorway to a Lovecraftian alternate universe of horror, madness and cannibalistic sex orgies, but nobody's perfect. The unfortunate crew of the “Event Horizon” didn't know that either, and they sure paid the price for it. Now the rescue crew is about to do the same, and the flesh-stripping shenanigans that ensue are sure worth the price of admission to this horror movie fan. It was worth a movie ticket when it first came out, and it's worth the price of a rental now.


But on to the dialogue. According to one of the characters after he goes mad and rips his own eyes out, the black hole has opened a gateway to a “universe of pure evil.”


I have wondered about this line ever since I first heard it. I mean, what would a universe of pure evil actually be like? It couldn't really have any inhabitants, because they would all go mad and wipe each other out in a few days, tops. And how can the universe still be evil when there's no one in it? Who is being evil to who in that situation? Is the universe of pure evil just sitting there all alone waiting for someone in another universe to open a door into it, thinking to itself “I'm really gonna get those guys”?


I don't think they really thought this one out!