From Beyond

From Beyond

Semi-Lovecraftian Horror

The definitive HP Lovecraft horror movie has never been made, and possibly never will be. Lovecraft's vision was unique and unrepeatable, as proven by the failure of any other writer to create truly convincing Cthulhu Mythos stories without completely changing his approach from that of Lovecraft.

“From Beyond” is hypothetically based on the Lovecraft short story of the same name, and it does retain the basic concept- a mad scientist invents a machine that stimulates the pineal gland and all hell breaks loose. Almost everything in the first few minutes can be related to the story- almost everything after that cannot.


Two things you'll never find in a Lovecraft story are sex and gore. You won't even find any women in a Lovecraft story except the occasional evil witch- the guy was just creepy that way. If you made a movie without any women in it these days, it would seem quite strange, but this movie takes it a good deal more than one step in the other direction and throws in a fair bit of kinky sex. If Lovecraft himself actually saw the movie, he would probably faint.


Then there's the brain eating thing. Eating brains is certainly horrific, but not in a Lovecraftian way. So when everyone in the movie starts having kinky sex and eating each other's brains, it parts company completely with Lovecraft. If you're interested in a pretty-good-by-Eighties-standards shock horror movie, this one is pretty fun. If you're hoping to see a Lovecraftian horror movie- you'll have to keep waiting.