The Wendigo Legend

The wendigo legend is one of the creepiest legends out there, especially if you have a pathological horror of cannibalism like I do. “Ravenous” is only sort of about the wendigo, in that it doesn't feature any man-eating ogre-like monsters. Instead it concentrates on the other side of the wendigo story- the notion that a person can become possessed by an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

The whole thing is set out West in the 1840s, which is a little bit off considering that the wendigo is more of a northeastern legend. But I can overlook that. The whole concept of a contagious cannibal bloodlust, spreading from one person to another like a virus, is just creepy as anything. There are better horror movies than this one out there, but there are not too many that can make my own skin crawl like this one does.


If you're ever stuck in a snowed-in Old West army fort high up in the Sierra Nevadas (or wherever this is supposed to be) don't just go eating anything anyone offers you. For the love of all that is good and decent, give it some thought first. Look closely at the meat. Is it really, truly chicken?


If you don't pay close attention, you could end up going cannibal. And if this movie is a reliable guide, the slightest taste of human flesh will fill you with a craving nothing else will ever satisfy, and you'll just be killing and cooking, killing and cooking. It grosses me out to even think about it.