April 2009

A corpse hangs in the web

Or, as it is known in some circles, Horror of Spider Island (HSI). This is a horror/science-fiction movie that currently lurks somewhere in the public domain. I must admit, calling it sci-fi is stretching the truth a bit; a mutant spider that spawns a natural selection reject hardly does justice to the genre. This German movie from the 1960s traces the failing-to-thrill adventures of a Mr. Gary and his dancing girls. Well, let me cover the basics: what's the movie about and is it worth watching?


I thought I saw a kitty cat

The 1959 version of A Bucket of Blood was a cult classic. It came complete with in-depth characters who were either creepy, flawed or, at the very least, very believable. This is the opposite of the 1995 remake of the same movie. Somewhere along the way someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to carve out a well loved movie by toning down the character development and upping the nudity factor. Sadly, the quirky characters were the exact reason why A Bucket of Blood was worth owning.

The 1959 version was a dark comedy directed by Roger Corman and written by Charles B Griffith. Incidentally, they were the geniuses behind the original Little Shop of Horrors.