June 2009

5 Scariest Women in Film

Scream queens have their fan followings, and it’s really no surprise: they’re typically gorgeous, daft but likeable, and either die within the movie or survive for a sequel. I’m sure all of that vocalized terror does a number on your lungs and keeps both Ricola and Halls in business, and that’s all very impressive; but what really lights my fire—and I’m sure I’m not alone in this—are the female villains.

There’s just something about an evil incarnate mother figure, a seemingly innocent, a beautiful but deadly vixen, that makes your eyes shine with glee. Maybe it’s because, as women, we’re sick of hearing about (or being victims of) violence against women. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen Freddy, Jason, and a slew of other testosterone-filled evildoers have their share of the limelight and we like a little xx chromosome thrown in.

Murders in the Rue Morgue









Me, stalking you? Never! I just wanted to use the bathroom!

Murders in the Rue Morgue was an interesting movie. I mean with a mad scientists, an evil henchman and a scary ape in tow, how could you go wrong, right? Sure, it had a few questionable themes in the plot-line but that is just reflection of the times. Or so I tell myself every time I think about some of the themes. Well, here is my review.

The Vampire Bat








"Mayor, who would you believe? Me, the pub buddy or that science guy?"


When I picked this movie, I was expecting a creepy horror fest full of flying vampires and women in weird nightgowns. It didn't quite turn out that way but I must say I was not disappointed. As other fans of this movie will suggest, treating this like a murder mystery or thriller is the best approach to appreciating its creativity. Well, here's my review of The Vampire Bat.