August 2009

Creature from the Haunted Sea

After a long break, I finally had time to check out one of the old horror flicks. Except this one's strictly for fans of cheesy horror, to be watched only if you are locked up in a basement where you are awaiting the nuke holocaust to clear. And it's the only video you have other than the Olsen Twin's Beach Party.

The movie in question is somewhat of a cult classic and goes by the name of Creature from the Haunted Sea. It was directed by the same guy who brought us A Bucket of Blood – i.e. Roger Corman. Incidentally the scriptwriter, Charles Griffith, was the same for both flicks as well. So how is it that these guys who put together absolute gems – and I mean this in the non-sarcastic way – can come up with this flip-flop of a flick?

Fulci's Gore: The Beyond (1981)

I’m gonna say that as a general rule, if your film, album or piece of writing gets banned, you might not be to well renowned in your own time, but subsequent generations will probably embrace your work with a stunning fervor a few years on. Such is the case with Italian horror director Lucio Fulci. Having begun his directorial career sometime during the fifties, it wasn’t until the circulation of VHS bootlegs featuring his work like The Beyond that made him a (kinda) household horror name. Of course, part of the reason that fans have been attracted to his work is ostensibly the same thing that got Fulci’s films banned in the first place. So, while he might not be perceived as an auteur – whether or not that was what he was going for is suspect anyway – Fucli has certainly attained a real fan-boy following.