October 2009

Fulci's Gore: House By The Cemetery

Let’s disregard the fact that here are a pair of boobs revealed for viewers within the first minute of The House by the Cemetery. Lucio Fulci, the director of this and countless other seemingly low rent Italian horror movies, isn’t necessarily known for his tact. This offering isn’t any different. But what the director does deserve deference for is the fact that he not only revels in the photographic nature of some of the shots here and in other films, but Fulci also works tremendously hard to build tension during various scenes. The fact that it seems repetitious at points is a bit disconcerting, but it’s a low rent horror flick, so deal with it.

Wasp Woman

When I went off to nab an old horror flick recently, I was in the mood for something silly but weird. Thus, I ended up with The Wasp Woman (the movie and not something I came home with from a bizarro pub). So there I was, all geared up for mind-bogglingly bad/goofy horror when I found that it was a Roger Corman flick. Oh oh! You know what that means! You have to brace yourself for three typically Corman traits. Firstly the storyline would be as far-fetched as you can imagine. Secondly there would be incredibly cheesy interactions between the characters. And thirdly, any monster conjured up in this flick would look like a wet-suit walking out of the hen house. Needless to say I was not wrong on any of those counts.

Evanimal - "Bone Pile, NJ, 10/31/73" Screenprint

Just in time for Halloween, Los Angeles based artist Evanimal gives us "Bone Pile, NJ, 10/31/73," a vintage depiction of a jam session between Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon!  This handprinted two color screen print on French paper is an edition of 75, and can be seen in all it's glory in our print store:  


Bloodsuckers: Sucking the joy out of the horror genre!

I caught a vampire in space movie recently called Bloodsuckers. It is a Canadian flick directed by Matthew Hastings and was made in 2005. I'll give you this, the story of this sci-fi thriller was not bad. Cross space travel with discovery of varied vampiric aliens and you have a winner. Mention space battles and futuristic melee-fights on land and you're probably already halfway to video store to rent this movie.

Cheesy Hindi Horror from the 80s

I recently came across a trailer for an old Hindi movie on Youtube. Admittedly it was not as bad as the Nigerian 666; on the other hand, it was a gruelling 2 and half minutes as I tried to decipher the selling point of the movie. This brief clip revived my interest in cheesy foreign horror and thus, I embarked on a mission to find other unintentionally entertaining hindi horror flicks. And my word, there were many!

The Gore Gore Girls (1972)

Any movie that’s completely denied entrance into a country (Australia), disallowed from being distributed or displayed did something right. And Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1972 film, The Gore Gore Girls is it. The film can’t be said to be a thing of cinematic beauty, but in its abhorrent distillation of all things gross, the film maker and his product have succeeded in something much more entertaining: trash.

Review of Undead

I came across this Australian horror flick the other night. It's a zombie flick called Undead that has generous doses of comedy sprinkled throughout the movie. The movie was cheesy -albeit, not Bloody Pit of Horror-style cheesy, but that in itself is a good thing- and it proved to be a fresh take on the unusual zombie plague scenario. This movie is written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, the two guys behind the upcoming hyped-up vampire movie called Daybreakers. See, I knew that would grab your attention!

Let The Right One In: Swedish Vampires

As long as there have been movies, there have been vampire movies, and as long as there have been vampire movies, there have been bad vampire movies. Finding a decent blood-sucking flick usually requires a dedicated slog through the dozens of cheap, poorly-written, badly-acted and negligently-directed movies in the subgenre produced every year. We in the United States have a nice shortcut to good movies, though. Generally, if a foreign language film gets wide distribution in America, it's probably good enough to stand on its own merits. This is definitely the case with Tomas Alfredson's 2008 romantic thriller Let The Right One In.

Bloody Pit of Horror

After the raven-filled horror from last week, it's back to old school horror. However, this movie is not in the league as the somewhat charming old horrors; oh no, this one's in a league of its own. Dating back to 1960s, this dubbed-from-Italian flick goes by many names – Orgy of Sadism, Crimson Executioner and Virgins for the Hangman. For the purposes of this review, let's go by one of the milder names i.e. The Bloody Pit of Horror. You have some idea what to expect now; blood, gore, torture, women in skimpy outfits prancing around in a dungeon squealing. Take my warning to heart, don't eat any snacks while watching this movie. Yea, you might laugh so hard that you choke on your popcorn.