November 2009

Dracula III: Legacy


I kept coming across Dracula III: Legacy for a while now. So, I figured why don't I check it out. I mean how bad can it be? It must be better than cringing at the cheesy Gila Monster and whatnot, right? In the end, it turned out that the movie was alright. Enjoyable and something to recommend for a 'I am at home with measles, what should I watch' day. Here goes.

Lady Frankenstein

This week I picked out Lady Frankenstein, an Italian horror flick from 1971. When I checked it out, I didn't realize that this movie is considered a cult classic. Sure, it  is classier than most undead movies of that era but at the same time, there was quite a few 'ergh' moments which cuts down its chances of making it to a top ten list. I just know I will upset a number of diehard fans with this review. On with it, then.