January 2010

The Lost Boys

It's hard to make fun of this classic, especially in light of what is happening to vampires today. I'm talking about The Lost Boys, that delightful 'fangboys are bad boys' flick. This was one of those iconic flicks that succeeded in transforming the vampire in a castle concept to suit the modern era. When I say succeed, I mean flesh out a bloodsucker who did had some semblance of dignity left.

The Innocents

This week, I ended up watching an old classic, The Innocents, which is, by far, one of the best horror flicks I have seen in recent months (sorry, TSRoD!). How can it go wrong: it was, after all, based on the popular novel by Henry James? Well, in the wrong hands, anything can happen. Thankfully, the folks behind the flick did the story justice, making it a definite favorite in my top horror list.