October 2010

10 Not-So-Scary Halloween Films

Since my daughter was born, I haven’t been the horror buff I once was. My husband and I used to have to see every horror movie that came out; but once I became pregnant and started having nightmares that included my daughter after watching scary films, I knew I couldn’t handle them anymore. I’ve since watched a couple of scary movies, and not only do the nightmares happen—“daymares” do as well. So no more scary movies for me, at least not until my daughter’s older or the “daymares” stop!

That said, I still adore Halloween; it’s my all-time favorite holiday and always has been. Watching Halloween movies is still part of the fun. Here are ten not-so-scary Halloween movies that even couples can enjoy together without getting too scared. (Note: these are not necessarily family friendly films. I will cover those in another post.)