January 2011

Tesis: A Spanish Tale of Scumbags

The story behind Tesis, a 1996 horror flick counting as Alejandro Amenábar’s first full length feature, probably occurred to the director during his short stint in film school. The pressures of completing a thesis of any nature is a daunting task, but for creative types matriculating to proper academic settings, the burden can seem just short of insurmountable.

It is kinda funny, though, that Amenábar did stick around college long enough to work up a final project such as one discussed in his film, but opted to make a film. Whatever…the movie’s kinda boss, if not a bit long winded.

As with any sort of horror flick, Tesis possesses a relatively sunny exposition in which viewers are introduced to Ángela, the student we follow through the rest of the film, as well as her thesis adviser.