August 2011

World War Z: Not the Zombacolypse Movie You're Expecting?

Despite big budget, big names, and big reputation; film adaptation of World War Z may not deliver.


Max Brooks' World War Z came out to high acclaim and a huge fan base with its release in 2006, which is actually a follow-up to his 2003 cult hit, The Zombie Survival Guide. Now, you would think that in making a film adaptation of a popular hit in a popular genre with a big budget, a big director, and a big male lead will be a slam dunk for Paramount Pictures. However, with rewrites and a newly released synopsis of the film by Mike Forster, fans of the book are starting to look confused.

When Monsters Go Soft (and Sparkly)

What young adult fiction, film, and tv is doing to the bestiary of our nightmares....turning them into pubescent wet dreams.


Gone are the days of films like Night of the Living Dead, The Howling, and Bram Stoker's Dracula. The fearsome creatures in those films, campy though they may have been, are replaced by a kinder, gentler, more pubescent and sexually-confused canon of the supernatural. The Twilight films, TV shows like Vampire Diaries and Buffy, and a library full of supernatural young adult fiction have whittled away the terror and replaced it with hormonal yearning or juvenile ideas of identity crisis. Why has this happened? Where are all of our horrifying creatures of the supernatural, the primal surge of night-fright, and the simple joy of paying to be scared? They've all been castrated by lonely "emo" young-adult authors and fan fiction.