March 2012


The Original Vampire

One of the most striking differences between vampire folklore and vampire fiction is that folklore vampires are creepy, not sexy. While there is an implication of sexuality in some versions of the vampire legend, it's a bestial and predatory sort of sexuality- not romantic in the slightest. Folklore vampires are dead people, walking corpses, with implications of the Black Plague (they can turn into rats) and animalistic, mindless predatory instincts. They are not rock stars or teen heart-throbs.

Deep Blue Sea

Where The Sharks Are Smart, But The Script Is Not

How do you cure Alzheimer's? By making really giant sharks and stealing their brain juice. Why? Who knows! That's the basic premise of “Deep Blue Sea,” one of the most nonsensical creature features of modern times. Of course, there's a catch. You can't just go making giant mako sharks and stealing their brain juice, because as the sharks get bigger, their brains get bigger, and as their brains get bigger, the sharks get smarter. Smart enough to understand the entire blueprint of your soon-to-be-doomed scientific facility, how video cameras work, and other stuff you wouldn't think they could really understand just by getting smarter, but what the hey.


The Wendigo Legend

The wendigo legend is one of the creepiest legends out there, especially if you have a pathological horror of cannibalism like I do. “Ravenous” is only sort of about the wendigo, in that it doesn't feature any man-eating ogre-like monsters. Instead it concentrates on the other side of the wendigo story- the notion that a person can become possessed by an insatiable hunger for human flesh.


Ruthlessly Efficient

“Herbert West- Reanimator” is not the best work H.P. Lovecraft ever did. In fact, it's the worst, by the common consensus of just about every H.P Lovecraft fan and critic out there. Even Lovecraft didn't like the story, and only wrote it because they were paying him five dollars per serialized chapter. The man had to eat, after all, but this was probably not the best Lovecraft story to make a movie out of.