March 2013

Review: Hell (2011)

A German apocalyptic disaster film that is nice to look at, but devoid of much story.

Welcome to a future where the planet Earth has fallen victim to a rash of unusually powerful solar flares.  Such is the setting of the movie Hell.  The world is hot and people must try to avoid the sun as much as possible or risk getting one hell of a sunburn.  They spend most of their time looking for water and food and trying to survive among their fellow men.

Review: House on Haunted Hill (1959)

A 50s B-movie that turned into a cult classic


The House on Haunted Hill may not be one of the best horror films you’ll ever see, but as far as being a classic of the B-horror genre, it well earns its place.  It even managed to generate a remake in 1999, albeit the story in the modern telling is far different than the original.  If you’re a collector of old horror flicks (particularly those of the infamous William Castle), this is one that can’t be missed and since it only comes in at 75 minutes, it’s an easy watch.

Review: Martin (1977)

George Romero takes a stab at the vampire genre, with mixed results

I’m a huge Romero fan, at least when it comes to his zombie flicks.  I never knew, however, that this legend of horror had taken a shot at making a vampire movie.  This flick, named Martin, was made in 1977 and looks every inch the 70s horror film, from the fuzzy photography to the bad haircuts to the “just say your lines however” style of acting that was popular back in the d